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Shematic’s policies


At the office

At the factory


  • Verify if your shoes are clean before taking the stairs or even entering the building
  • Return borrowed dishes from the cafeteria in a convenient time frame

One criminal already captured

At the office

Respect others

Don’t make noise (e.g. listening to music, speaking loud, making coffee) when other team members are in call meeting. 


Be clean

Wash by hand your dishes and clean the table every day before leaving the office. 

Adopt the clean-desk policy

Leave your desk tidy at the end of the day.

Listen to others

Try not to spend the whole day listening to music with your headphones on your ears.

No exception will be tolerated.

(except if you bring some chocolate)

At the factory

Tidy up your tools

Tidy up your workplace

Tidy up the factory

Clean the factory