Get to know the software solutions used by Shematic to develop its powertrain




Solidworks Electrical

Altium Designer

Software tools to empower and connect PCB designers, part suppliers and manufacturers to develop and manufacture electronics products faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Altair Flux

Flux has become a versatile, efficient and user-friendly tool that helps designers to generate optimized and high-performance products, in less time and with fewer prototypes.


SOLIDWORKS delivers connected, easy-to-use tools that help you innovate and accelerate every aspect of your product development process.

How many licenses are there?

There are 3 SolidWorks licenses by product:

  • Entrepreneur Premium 
  • Entrepreneur Simulation Premium 
  • Entrepreneur Flow Simulation 
  • Entrepreneur Plastics Premium  
  • Entrepreneur MBD Standard 
  • Entrepreneur Visualize Professional  
  • Entrepreneur Composer 2021 
  • Entrepreneur CAM Professional 2021 
  • Entrepreneur PCB 2021 
  • MySolidWorks Professional
What is the availability of the licenses?

The availability of these licenses an be found on the NAS under:

B_Licenses > SolidWorks > « License_Notification-SHEMATIC SA.pdf ».

How do I install the license?

To install one of the licenses, connect to the SolidWorks platform and use the password of Shematic’s account, which can be found on the NAS under:

B_Licenses > SolidWorks > « sldwrks_mdp.txt »

Please then follow the instructions to install SolidWorks.

I have a problem. Who can I contact?

In case of problems, do not contact Lisa-Marie Halloran, as she no longer works at SolidWorks. Please ask Michael Crottaz.

Solidworks Electrical

SOLIDWORKS® Electrical 3D enables you to easily integrate your electrical schematic designs into your SOLIDWORKS 3D product model.